And here he is… Mr. Wally!

This is Wally number two for Johan. What a nice honeymoon gift for the happy newly wed couple!

And a kiss from the wife. —You're the best Johan!

Wally #2 for Johan!

Thumbs up dad! Another Wally goes to the Lindberg family.

There are never any dragracing wins without a great team. Here is mechanic Christian in a selfie with the winner.

Kris Hool and Johan just before the final. Nice job guys!

You just can't get enough of this amazing machine!

Playing it safe Johan? —No!

Well. Playing it safe and secure is not an option. Johan went full throttle for the lane choice, and is down in the .40.

Kris on the other hand, cruised safely towards the finish line.

The Landmeco TAFC.

Johan is in final! Bernard stands down due to mechanical problems

As Bill Bernard has some problems with his car and has to stand down, Johan is ready for the final. But first we will see both finalists, Johan and Kris in one each solo round.

Yeeees! Johan winns

E2win TAFC
It doesn't get more beautiful than this! A holeshot win by Johan over the quicker and faster John Lombardo Jr. Johan has Bill Bernard in the next round racing for the final.

Bill Bernard won over Jay Payne, that Jonnie tunes for. Jay had the better reaction time, he was quicker to the 60 feet, the same to 330 feet. But then he had to lift, as he was on his way to...

...cross the center line.