Congrats Andy and Jack!

Jack Beckman took the win in Nitro Funny Car with a bang and lots of flames. Congratulations to you and your team Jack!

In Top Alcohol Funny Car it was Andy Bohl that came out on top in the final. Congratulations to you and your team to Chris. It was a beautiful win!

Sorry. The fun’s over…

This wasn't our weekend. Johan to smokes the tires right after the hit. He tries to pedal to save the situation, but the car just skid and jump all over the track. Johan's out. Pomponio moves on.

The calm before the storm.

Nice reaction time for Dan, and something seems to have messed up the speed measuring at the finish line. Congratulations!

Jonnie’s out

Jonnie won the tree against Ron, but then after a few feet, he smoked the tires. Jonnie's out. Capps moves on.

Capps that qualified in as number 13, performed his best run of the weekend in his first elimination round. This guy just can't stop winning.
But we're not fully out yet. We got Johan on the track in a few minutes.

The Landmeco TAFC delivers

What a race! Johan wins and climbs on. We will face Dan Pomponio in the quarters tomorrow.

It was a close one. It was beautiful.

Jonnie is critical of himself for missing the tuning in the qualifications. But he got it right when it really was needed. And thats the most important.

Elimination round 1 coming up for Johan

We're lined up waiting for elimination round number one.

Johan has Doug Gordon in the first. This will not be easy, as Johan doesn't have a decent pass in this event so far. Anything can happen now.

Results TAFC after Q2 Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals
Norwalk 2017
1 Sean Bellemeur               5.522    264.91
2 Doug Gordon                  5.528    267.64
3 Annie Whiteley                5.533    269.29
4 Andy Bohl                        5.562    267.43
5 Kris Hool                          5.565    261.27
6 Chris Foster                     5.612    259.91
7 Dan Pomponio                 5.681    255.77
8 Marie Ferriolo                  5.698    252.52
9 Phil Burkart                      5.702    261.07
10 Phil Esz                           5.745    253.33
11 Paul Noakes                   5.754    247.79
12 Tony Bogolo                   5.913    249.35
13 Joshua Haskett              5.982    234.00
14 Tyler Scott                      6.086    238.43
15 Johan Lindberg              6.977    112.05
16 Steve Burck                    7.155    154.76

Sometimes you can't do nothing but to wait... Stay tuned.