Red Light!

Jonnie runs on red and pulls of another great 5.40-pass. That means that Shane Westerfield takes the win. Congratulations Shane and your great team!

While in Pomona, Jonnie took the opportunity to receive the 2016 Championship ring. Always something.


We didn't expect any of this! Gordon can't hold his car in the start, giving away the race to Jonnie. At the same time Jonnie violently smokes the tires at the hit, and just taking his time cruising for the win.

In semi number two, DJ Cox loses the control a few feet from the starting line, then ending up hitting the wall. At the same time Shane Westerfield gives us just another fine 5.40-sec pass.

Jonnie in the semifinals

Jonnie got the win in this "monster race" against John Lombardo Jr.

It was a tight beautiful race.

Jonnie will take on Doug Gordon in the semifinal. Just another Monster Race, this time between the number one and two in the Championship last year.

In the other semi, we will se DJ Cox vs...

Shane Westerfield.

The winning Peak Antifreeze and Coolant Top Alcohol Funny Car!

All happy faces at the Paynes!

Round two coming up

Pro Stock is at the track right now. And right after them, we will se the Top Alcohol classes.

Live stream at: NHRA All Access

Jonnie wins, Ulf’s out

Due to rain the race was postponed significantly today. The third and last qualification round for the Alcohol Funny Cars was cancelled, and the eliminations started right away.
Jonnie was up against Chris Marshall, who won the tree, but got in to trouble and did hit the wall. Jonnie worked his way down the track for an easy win and his quickest pass for the weekend. Jonnies 5.458 is said to be one of the absolute quickest ever in a Jay Payne car.

Ulf Leanders runs on red and gives the win to DJ Cox. There will be no more Alcohol rounds today.


In the eliminations round two we will see:
DJ Cox vs. Terry Ruckman.
Shane Westerfield vs. Brian Hough.
John Lombardo Jr. vs. Jonnie Lindberg.
Doug Gordon vs. Steve Gasparrelli