Winners banquet in Hollywood

The Hollywood Walk of fame. When the season is over, the winners in all the different NHRA Championships will get together for a Hollywood banquet and the drag race party of the year.

Here's the Lindberg Bros Party team of 2016.

Aunt Annette need a picture for the album.

Jonnie biggest fan, Thomas Loddby.

Johan Lindberg and his amazing Coco on the red carpet.

The norwegian mechanic, Christian Merlid likes being a winner.

New mechanic for the season, Jason Lopes.

One more. We just can't get enough of Coco!

Jonnie on air on Monday

On Monday Jonnie will attend the "Sportextra" radio show in Sweden.

Listen to the trailer here:

Gordon wins!

Doug Gordon didn't manage to land the 2016 NHRA TAFC Championship. But he finishes of the season with the prestigious win here at Pomona.
This is a well deserved win for you and your crew Doug. Congratulations!

Johan’s out!

Johan won the tree by a small margin. Reaction time 0.039 sec. for Johan to Steve Gasparellis 0.050. But right after the start Johan got problems. He shakes the tires and has to try to pedal to save the race. At the same time Steve works his way nice and smooth down the track and takes the win.

Jonnie and Johan, #1 and 3!

Johan Lindberg and Steve Harker did it in the last qualification round. 5.478 and a third place behind Doug Gordon and the Champ. But not only that. The third Swede, Ulf Leanders fought his way to the sixth spot. Three Swedes in the top six and all three in the 5.40 range!

Final qualifying results rounds, Auto Club Finals, Pomona, California 2016
1. Jonnie Lindberg           5.440   269.73
2. Doug Gordon                   5.459     270.05
3. Johan Lindberg            5.478   262.85
4. DJ Cox Jr.                         5.479     268.28
5. John Lombardo Jr.         5.483     270.16
6. Ulf Leanders                  5.498   265.69
7. Terry Ruckman                5.500     267.53
8. Shane Westerfield          5.500     268.65
9. Annie Whiteley               5.522     270.92
10. Greg Hunter                  5.524     261.78
11. Steve Gasparrelli           5.541     263.77
12. Jay Payne                       5.560     259.21
13. Clint Thompson            5.566     262.90
14. Sean Bellemeur             5.574     259.96
15. Bryan Brown                  5.582     262.23
16. Nick Januik                   5.591     257.28

A hard working crew needs some good food.

Extremely nice qualifying results for Sweden, gave us this ladder. Unfortunately neither Jonnie or Ulf survived the first elimination round. But more than survived did Johan! With a 4.49 pass Johan was the quickest in the field. He has lane choice against Steve Gasparelli in elimination round two sunday evening.

Smile Johan! All the medias at Pomona is interested of the two quick brothers from Sweden.

See you all at

Here's the schedule for the evening:
Local time LA             Swedish time
12:15 PM                     21:15
1:30 PM                      22:30
2:40 PM Finals         23:40