DJ Cox Jr. takes it

Ulf did all he could. Nice reaction time again and a 5.60 round. But it wasn't enough to beat DJ Cox Jr. in the Bartone brothers superfast car.

We have seen multiple fast side by side races during the Carolina Nationals.

No Wally this time Ulf. But it'll come again.

Points standings after Carolina Nationals in Charlotte
(This is our own calculations and not the official numbers from the NHRA)
1.  Jonnie Lindberg            681
2.  Doug Gordon                594
3.  John Lombardo Jr        593
4.  Kris Hool                       540
5.  Ann Marie Whiteley     477
6.  Jay Payne                     432
7.  Terry Ruckman            424
8.  DJ Cox Jr.                    422
9.  Brian Hough                402
10. Nicholas Januik          390

Ulf on to the finals

Another 5.57 round for Ulf and a win over Steve Gasparelli. Ulf's on to the finals!

This is how close we where an all Swedish final. Jonnie lost this close race to DJ Cox Jr. Jonnie adds another 53 points to his earlier 628, and has now a total of 681 points.

Jonnie and Ulf to the semis

Ulf makes no misstakes and eliminates Joshua Haskett out of the race. Ulf is through to the semifinal, where he will face Steve Gasparrelli.

Ulfs brother Jörgen Leanders is in charge!

Dan Pomponio with a slight advantage in the start didn't manage to keep Jonnie behind. Jonnie will have DJ Cox Jr. in the semi.

With a ATV the Safety Safari is pushing the contestants cars out of the way in the finish area.

The crazy dream of an all Swedish TAFC final is still alive...

1st round win for Jonnie and Ulf

Don't worry guys. When you're this good, you can have an ice-cream!
Most things went our way yesterday. We ended up number one qualifiers, and won the first round. On top of that, Ulf Leanders beat John Lombardo Jr. and is he to in round two later today.

This shows the importance of the reaction time. Ulfs .020 light gave him the win, despite a slightly less quicker car. Good job Ulf!

John Lombardo Jr. is out of this race, and will not gain any points in the Championship. (Photo: Stanley Mellström)

Missile launchers on a row. These cars just are the coolest!

Jonnie wins the first round, and will gain at least 42 points in the total counting for the Championship. (Photo: Stanley Mellström)

Here they are! The all Scandinavian Lindberg Bros. team of 2016 Carolina Nationals. From the left: Martin Holm, Jonnie Lindberg, Thomas Nataas and the mighty Karsten Egeland is on the floor.

Jonnie and Ulf is on opposite sides of the ladder and could theoretically get all the way to the final... Are we allowed to dream about an all Swedish final at this time?

Final results qualifications Carolina Nationals 2016
1. Jonnie Lindberg                  5.469      270.75
2. Nick Januik                         5.509      265.43
3. Kris Hool                             5.511      265.64
4. Phil Burkart                        5.514      267.00
5. DJ Cox Jr.                           5.544      267.32
6. Steve Gasparrelli               5.554      263.36
7. Ulf Leanders                       5.571      261.37
8. Matt Gill                              5.581      261.67
9. Dan Pomponio                   5.606      256.65
10. John Lombardo Jr.          5.609      266.74
11. Steve Burck                       5.688      254.18
12. Tony Bogolo                     5.723      256.31
13. Clint Thompson               5.757      259.66
14. Marie Ferriolo                  5.770      250.27
15. Joshua Haskett                5.833      249.16
16. Melinda Green-King        5.926      239.02

Q1 and 2 in Charlotte and #3

This weekend we're in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the team this time we have the dane Karsten Egelund and Tomas Nataas from Norway. Go Scandinavia!

Jonnie did good in the first of todays two qualifying rounds. 5.51 sec, was enough for a third place. And the 269.24 mph is so far high speed of the event. In the second round Jonnie didn't get it right. He wheelied pretty spectacular, and had to step of the throttle cruising on idle to the finish line.

Number three in points in the Championship, John Lombardo Jr, suffered of both bad luck and severe tire shake. In round one, both of his shutes popped right after the burnout and had to shut off. In the second round, he shook the tires right at the hit. John is right now not qualified. He has one more chance to morrow.

Ulf Leanders got two pretty good rounds. 5.60 in the first and 5.57 in the second. He's right now on the number six spot.

Result after two qualifying rounds
1. Nick Januik                         5.509     265.43
2. Phil Burkart                        5.514     267.00
3. Jonnie Lindberg                5.519     269.24
4. DJ Cox Jr.                           5.544     267.32
5. Steve Gasparrelli               5.554     263.36
6. Ulf Leanders                      5.571     261.37
7. Matt Gill                              5.581     261.67
8. Kris Hool                            5.617     263.56
9. Dan Pomponio                  5.641     256.65
10. Steve Burck                      5.716     254.18
11. Tony Bogolo                      5.723     256.31
12. Marie Ferriolo                  5.947     248.20
13. Melinda Green-King       6.018     238.85
14. John Headley                   6.101     227.23
15. Joshua Haskett                6.250     187.31
16. Bill Naves                          6.320     195.93
--------- Not Qualified ---------
17. Clint Thompson              8.834     108.92
18. Jeff Jones                         11.328     88.84
19. John Lombardo Jr.        13.401     77.78