No Pro Mod final

When the eliminations was over, we had Mats Eriksson and Bruno Bader ready to go up in a final to settle this. But as the rain started to fall, and just kept on falling. The race director had no choice but to call the race of. No winner this time...
(Photo: Green Goblin, Lena Peres)

Shaking our day away

Stege round two
Åke "Bagarn" Persson shakes bad and did a good job trying to stay in the race by pedaling down the track. But he had to give up, and Micke Johansson is on to the semifinal against Bruno Bader.
As Micke Gullqvist is out, both Bruno and Mats Eriksson is gaining a lot of ground right now in the European Championship. It seems like the European finals on the 8 to 11 of September at Santa Pod Raceway in UK will be a really interesting event.

Bagarn on to next. Johan lost.

Stege round one
Great runs for both Bruno Bader and Johan. But Johan just simply lost this great race.
Stefan Gustavsson never showed up giving away the win to Bagarn. But Bagarn didn't care and gave it all. 5.89 sec. and 395km/h!

Eliminationday Scandinavian Internationals

Always something fun to work on Robban!?
Jonnies job on Bagarns car, ended up in a second place and a beautiful 5.91 pass! Johan also did good, grabbing the number six spot with 6.07.

Final result qualifications Pro Mod:
1 Michael Gullqvist                   396,18    5,88
2 Åke "Bagarn" Persson           394,45    5,91
3 David Vegter                           390,46    5,95
4 Mats Eriksson                        386,54    5,98
5 Håkan Persson                       382,44    6,03
6 Johan Lindberg                     384,34    6,07
7 Anders Nilsson                      381,63    6,07
8 Thomas Stiefel                      377,62    6,12
9 Andreas Arthursson            371,90    6,15
10 Micke Johansson               344,39    6,16
11 Bruno Bader                        375,26    6,23
12 Rolf Simonsson                  321,24    6,45
13 Fredrik Fagerström           356,91    6,64
14 Jöran Persåker                   266,93    7,42
15 Stefan Gustafsson              218,01    7,79
16 Erik Andersson                   212,77    8,17

stegeTierp2 2016
Johan and Bagarn is unfortunately on the same side of the ladder, with ta possible chance to go up against each other in the semifinal.

To sum up the weekend of a lifetime

Of the Lindberg brothers, Johan the older of the two, was out first to win his race the passed Sunday. The NitrOlympX at Hockenheim Ring is the forth race of a total six in the European Championship. This is Johans first win this year. (Photo: Remco Scheelings)

A few hours later it was Jonnies turn to win. Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals in Brainerd was Jonnies 8th race and his forth win this year. (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas)

The Pro Mod European Championship 2016 is currently open for at least four drivers to win. Johan is one of them. He is number two, just 31 points behind the reigning Pro Mod champion Michael Gullqvist. (Photo: Remco Scheelings)

Point standings FIA Pro Mod European Championship 2016
1. Michael Gullqvist     Sweden            347
2. Johan Lindberg        Sweden            316
3. Bruno Bader              Switzerland    314
4. Mats Eriksson          Sweden            289
5. David Vegter            Netherlands     228

The Top Alcohol Funny Car NHRA Series is a bit more complicated due to the points system. Jonnie is currently also number two. But, he counts points from just 8 races, and number one John Lombardo Jr counts from nine! Number three, Kris Hool counts from ten!  (Photo: Brad Littlefield)

Point standings TAFC NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series
1. John Lombardo Jr         551     Races attended: 10,  counted: 9
2. Jonnie Lindberg             543     Races attended: 8,   counted: 8
3. Kris Hool                        529     Races attended: 12,  counted: 10
4. Doug Gordon                 499     Races attended: 9,   counted: 9
5. Jay Payne                      432      Races attended: 12,  counted: 10

The Old 51 Chevy Coupe Pro Mod is a mean beauty. (Photo: Remco Scheelings)

Lindberg-Brainerd1web—On top of the world! (Photo: Brad Littlefield)