We have a winner!

And we have a win! The team is going crazy!

jonnie winner
Jonnie was a like cobra on the tree, and he never gave Kris a chance. Nice to see the Swedish yellow and blue colors in the wind!

—Come on man. Here's your Wally.


Our Norwegian mechanic Christan Merlid looks confident leaving Jonnie alone at the starting line.

And no problem there for Jonnie. Andy's out, and we are in the final.

2nd round win for Jonnie

Jonnie takes down Brian Hough and is on to the semifinals, where he will go up against Andy Bohl. On the other side of the ladder we will see Steve Burck and Kris Hool fight for the final.

1st round win in Norwalk, Ohio

Harkerand Jonnie
This weekend we're in Norwalk, Ohio, for the 10th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals. Jonnie qualified in as number four. But what we all had our minds after the last round, was how's our great friend Steve Harker is after wrecking his Funny Car in a nasty crash right in to the wall. Steve was transported to the hospital and have had some surgery. We'll try to get back with further updates as soon as we know anything more.

Qualifying results after three rounds:
1. Annie Whiteley         5.531 266.21
2. Terry Ruckman        5.589 264.18
3. Kris Hool                   5.598 262.79
4. Jonnie Lindberg       5.610 265.12
5. Todd Robertson       5.637 255.00
6. Chris Foster              5.645 255.43
7. DJ Cox Jr.                 5.651 256.80
8. Andy Bohl                 5.684 257.78
9. Paul Noakes              5.690 254.62
10. Steve Burck             5.723 253.37
11. Marie Ferriolo         5.775 250.69
12. Brian Hough            5.784 255.15
13. Tony Bogolo             5.801 251.81
14. Tyler Scott                5.907 212.79
15. Lance Van Hauen   6.404 252.71
16. Chris King               6.462 234.82

1stround win
During the saturday, we had the first elimination round. We won over Tony Bogolo with a 5.50 @ 267mph for both low ET and Top Speed of the weekend!
Don't forget that you can see all the action on http://www.nhraallaccess.com/

And the winner is…

Micke Gullqvist! He won the tree over Mats Eriksson and then he stormed over the finish line in 5.94 sec! Congratulations Mike!!