All the way to the semi

In the first round of mondays eliminations, Johan pedaled to the win against Marcus Hilt.
In round two we had Kev Slyfield. Johan lost the tree to Kev, but wrestled the Old 51 down the track, pulling of another 5 and winning the race!
And in the semifinals it was time to go up against the reigning European Pro Mod Champion Micke Gullqvist. Johan won the tree, but… —We had to much power from the start. We blew the tires almost immediately and lost. We didn't come further than the semi. But we have to be glad for our two five second passes in this first race for the season, and the first race in this for me new car, Johan says.
Next race is back home in Sweden and Tierp Arena on the 16-19 of June. See you all there!

5.97 and number three

Oops!... He did it again!
In the third qualifying session Johan had to shut of and pull the shutes after moving violently across the track. Just one more chance then to get a decent competitive run.
In the forth Team Old 51 had put all the pieces in place. Straight down the track and the scoreboard showed 5.977!
This gave us spot three in the list before tomorrows eliminations. Johan is right behind #1 Bruno Bader with 5.946 sec, and #2 Micke Gullqvist at 5.974.

God start, but to close to the center line

Team Old 51 is about to go out on their first competitive pass with our Johan as a driver. (Photo: Trond Høst)

0,98 to 60 feet and Johan had to lift as he drifted towards the center line. 10.21 and not qualified.  (Photo: Trond Høst)

Q2 in UK coming up

Johan informs that an electrical problem stopped them from entering qualification round number one. That is now fixed, and round two's coming up within the hour.
He has no new news regarding Roger Johanssons crash: —I heard that he had a broken leg and that he had some kind of chest pains. We all hope that he's alright, and will get well soon. Stay strong Roger, Johan says.

First Pro Mod race since 2012 for Johan

This weekend Johan racing at Santa Pod Raceway in England for the start of the FIA Championship season. You can follow the race on the following link. 
There are live streaming and text based reporting available. We are running 2 qualifying runs Saturday, 2 runs on Sunday and eliminations on Monday as it is a bank holiday in England.

Stay tuned!