Spectacle of Speed

Spectacle of speed

This weekend we're in Brownsburg, Indiana for the Ray Skillman Cheverolet Spring Spectacle of Speed. This race is the first in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, North Central Division. We're sitting number one after the first day of qualifications.

Results after Fridays qualifications:
Jonnie Lindberg                                  5.568    260.66
Chris Foster                                          5.643    246.30
Tony Bogolo                                         5.717    255.00
Ray Drew                                              7.619    112.21
Scott McVey                                         7.997    115.07
Rob Pfeister                                         13.823    64.20
Todd Robertson                                     (no time)

Kris Hool takes it

Jonnie shakes and pedals almost instantly after leaving the starting line. Kris Hool on the other hand goes safe and straight bringing home the Wally.

broke throttle
Update: The throttle wire broke for Jonnie right after the start. Not the most lucky race we've had. But we at least get the runner up points.

Winner Hool
Congratulations Kris!

Finals for Jonnie

Once again the mighty Landmeco Funny Car is racing a final.

Jonnie won the tree against Steve, and never looked back.

More problems
Once again Jonnie seems to have some problems. He stops very early out at the track and indicates that something has happened.

Blower bolts snapped

It's always nice to win... but now we don't have time to jump and celebrate.

It's in times like this you really need a great team.

The driver himself is of course in the middle of it all.

Work in progress.