Lombardo takes it

lombardo winns
John and Doug gives us a nice and tight race. John does it best and takes home the Wally!

Da… amn… We’re out.

Doug takes it... Nothing more to say about that.

In the other semi, Tony Bartone has som problems keeping the car straight, and at the same time John Lombardo pulls of another great pass with monster speed.
John Lombardo Jr and Doug Gordon is in the Gatornationals TAFC Final 2016. Congrats guys!

On the the semis

E2Hold Horses copy
Hold your horses brother! Jonnies older brother is in charge at the starting line this time.

E2Jonnie copy
Kris Hool was close to hit the wall. Jonnie did no mistakes and took a easy win.

E2Lombardo copy
Lombardo really got his stuff going. 5.43 and 272 mph beating Dan Pomponio out of the ladder.

E2Bartone copy
Tony Bartone wins over DJ Cox and will face John Lombardo in the semis.

E2Gordon copy
Jonnie will race Doug Gordon in the semis.

First round win

The third qualification round rained out and we ended up third. Later last night we ran the first elimination round and won. 5.53 @ 263mph!
—The car is down on power and now we're working on finding it, so we can run some better ET and mph! Jonnie says.
Yesterday Wes from Drag Illustrated came over and talked a little bit. Klick on the following link to see the interview on Facebook. 19 mars 2016

Sitting number 3

GatorQ2 copy
We had a pretty nice one in the second. We're number three before the last round of qualifications tomorrow.

1. John Lombardo Jr._____________5.483 269.94
2. Doug Gordon_________________5.519 265.53
3. Jonnie Lindberg_______________5.532 263.87
4. Tony Bartone_________________5.548 267.16
5. DJ Cox Jr.___________________5.577 260.11
6. Kris Hool___________________5.652 256.75
7. Matt Gill____________________5.663 260.71
8. Ulf Leanders_________________5.688 220.26
9. Dan Pomponio________________5.769 256.02
10. Mark Rogers________________5.791 229.98
11. Phil Burkhart________________5.828 256.80
12. Joshua Haskett_______________5.912 238.89
13. Tyler Scott__________________5.931 195.53
14. Tony Bogolo_________________6.065 231.36
15. Rob Pfeister_________________6.460 163.43
16. John Headley________________7.009 147.12
17. Marie Ferriolo________________7.095 145.61