Jonnie takes out John Lombardo JR and another Wally is on it's way back home to Sweden!
5.423 sec. and 271.90 mph!

On to the finals!

Jonnie smokes the tires, but Mike D runs a red light! (Photo: Fredrik Eriksson)
On the other side in the final, we have John Lombardo Jr.

Jonnie to the semi

We will have at least one more warm up this weekend!

Another fine round by Jonnie. 5.456 and 270.1 mph sends Brian Hough back home!
Mike Doushgounian is next, as he sadly did beat Ulf Leanders.

Jonnie and Ulf winns

Lined up before first elimination round win. (Photo: Lizzy Musi)

It's all about the preparations and keeping it calm. Jonnie and the team knows exactly how to do just that. Steve is out of the ladder. Next round is tomorrow. We have Brian Hough.

While the women is doing the laundry, the med do the driving. ;-)

Don’t want to play in the sand

A couple of you out there asked earlier about the relatively low top speed in the first qualification round.
—As this track is pretty short, we don't have much room for errors while braking. Both chutes need to come out without any delay. And as the lever for the chutes is placed down by the brake handle in this new body, instead of up in the roof as it was in the old one. I'm just not really used to that yet, and to be safe I pulled the chutes a bit to early in the first round, Jonnie says.