Lost E3! 

We did notice that the car sounded wrong when we started it before the burn out, Jonnie also felt that something was wrong in the burn out because the engine was out of power, it was also totally dead of the  line but did pic up on the way to the finish line, but we lost the round...    Cylinder number 1 was dead all the way...! So we only got 7 cylinders down the track...    The 60-fot is not what we are used to see, but I must say that 5.78 @ 260 on only 7 cylinders is pretty good anyway...!

Ready for E3!

After a quick turn around of the car and some lunch we are ready for elimination round 3 in about 20 minutes!  Rolling down!    The ladder.     

We won E2!!

Time to get the car ready for next round!!

And we are in the lanes!

Really soon now!   

The ladder.

Soon time for E2, they will call us down any minute now! Below is the ladder, we are out as last pair against Dan Pomponio.