A winning wild ride

Another win for the best damn Top Alcohol Funny Car team in the world!

—It was a wild ride. I lost traction almost immediately and I didn't know where Leif was. I had to get the car to the finish line at any price. I got on and of the throttle, steered back and forth just to keep the car on track!

A few words for the TV.

True love!

The runner up Leif Andreasson is cheering today's winner, Johan Linberg!

We’re in final!

Johnny on the far lane was visibly away first. He drove in to a shake, that he pedaled and saved pretty good. Johan on the other hand spun his tires out at the track. He saved that with a minor pedal job and managed to take the win out of Johnny Oksas hand. We're in the final!

Leif in his solo run had a smooth 5.80 ride. See you in the final Leffe!


Baaam! 5.46

5.4609 seconds and 428.57 kph/266.3 mph! Johan has a personal best of 5.44. And we're in that range now.

When we finally got a nice round yesterday, Jonnie and the guys got the information they needed to start fine tune for low ET and high speed. And they did it again!
Jonnies own European ET and speed record from 2013, is 5.42 sec and 268.86 mph/432.69 kph... is it time to reset that?

—That run was great! But I felt that I was driving on the edge of tire shake right before switching to second gear. So we have more to give, Johan says with a smile.

Leif Andreasson left Micke Larsson standing at the starting line. Leif has a solo in the next round, and has therefore more or less already secured driving in the final.

In the fight of the Finns, Ari Pietilä won the tree and kept the lead almost the whole way to the finish line. But Aris car started to smoke at the top end, and Johnny Oksa passed him and took the win.

The crowd goes crazy when Johan passes the grandstand.

We have Johnny Oksa and Leif has a solo on his way to the final.

Baam! Number 1

Thumbs up brother!

With the front runners in the air and a wide open injector Johan leaves the startline.

He stops the clock at 5.59, which is the fastest Funny Car round for the weekend.

Leif Andreasson ends up number two with his 5.74.

Ari Pietelä pedaled and blew the blower belt on his way to another personal best! His well dressed crew wearing ties and all is cheering. Congrats once again, Ari!

Qualifying after the final round
1. Johan Lindberg       5.5909/424.53
2. Leif Andréasson     5.7459/398.23
3. Ari Pietilä                5.7706/402.08
4. Johnny Oksa           5.8837/383.25
5. Micke Larsson        13.2612/94.46

Johan before the crowded grand stand.

Now Johan is happy.

The father is happy.

But the mother is still worried.

Results Q3

The Rovalin Funny Car in front of Tierp Arenas beautiful main building.

The arena is close to packed already. We're looking forward to a fantastic day of racing here...

...but our third round was not even close to fantastic. Johan got away pretty fine. 0.9759 to the 60, but shook the tires. He tried to pedal to save it, but the car started to drift to the wall, and Johan had to step of again. Johnny Oksa in the other lane also tried to save his bad shake, but ended up in Johans lane.

In the last round in this session we saw Leif and Ari. Both improved a bit. Leif is still in the lead and Ari won another new personal best! Huge congratulations to you and your team Ari!

Qualifying after the third session
1. Leif Andréasson 5.7459/398.23
2. Ari Pietiä 5.8147/397.94
3. Johnny Oksa 5.8837/383.25
4. Johan Lindberg 6.5536/251.98