Congratulations mighty Steve!

In the semi finals Kris Hool beats Todd Veney, and Steve Harker takes out Nick Januik.
Kris and Steve faces each other in the final, a final that gets pretty dramatic. Kris runs on red and Steve is close to hit the wall. He manages to keep the car at the track and takes the win!
Congratulation Steve!

Sorry… the fun’s over

We shook the tires at the hit. Jonnie tried to pedal, but Kris took it from there.
Non of Steve Harker or Ulf had a clean run. Steve manages to take the win on a good pedal job. Nick Januik and Todd Veney win their races.

Round one win for Jonnie!

Jonnie takes down Andy Bohl in fantastic side by side race!

In the next round Kirk Williams will take on Todd Veney.
Jonnie has Kris Hool.
John Lombardo Jr. meets Nick Januik.
And our fellow swede Ulf Leanders is facing Australian Steve Harker. What a race!

It’s race day!

It's finally race day again. Time to eliminate! Show no mercy. The first round is planned to start within the hour

Rain! Q2 results is final

the guysChicago
There will be no more qualification rounds due to rain. We keep our fourth position, and Ulf Leanders is number 6.

The first eliminations is planned for 9 AM local time in Chicago(16:00 Swedish time).
We've got Andy Bohl and Ulf has Jay Payne.