Red light and out

Small margins... by -0,017 seconds Jonnie ran on red. Noakes went up in smoke at the hit, but got the win. Congratulations Paul Noakes!

—I had a good working car this weekend, but sorry guys, no little man this weekend either, Jonnie says very disappointed. Let's pack up the trailer and head for the next race...

According to our calculations, the current points standing is as follows:
1 Jonnie Lindberg         361
2 Doug Gordon              255
3 Kris Hool                     254
4 Ann MarieWhiteley    244
5 Brian Hough               242
6 Ulf Leanders              233
7 Shane Westerfield     221
8 Jay Payne                  191
9 Steve Harker             170
10 Mickey Ferro            169
Terry Ruckma               169

(NOTE! This points calculation isn't the official numbers. This is our own calculations, done after our best knowledge and can of course be wrong and miscalculated due to a misunderstanding of the NHRA rule book.)

All thumbs up, round one

Gooo Sweden! Jonnie made no misstakes in his solo. He will race Paul Noakes in the semi final. In the other semi we will see Andy Bohl vs. Todd Robertson.

Jonnie had another nice pass. No drama and beautiful numbers.

Big brother Johan is proud.

All thumbs up for Jonnie and Chuck!

Not only have Chuck taken Strumpan's job. Now he has his professor eyeglasses to!

Time for eliminations

During yesterdays qualifications Jonnie improved both ET and Speed and kept his top position. —After the second round of this weekend I felt so good about our performance, that I decided to pass on the third round. Instead we worked on the car, preparing it for todays eliminations, Jonnie says.

Final results qualifications:
1 Jonnie Lindberg      5.549/262.44
2 Andy Bohl                5.611/259.41
3 Todd Robertson     5.657/254.76
4 Paul Noakes            5.670/253.80
5 Chris Foster             5.699/221.05
6 Ray Drew                 5.722/244.83
7 Rick Cortino            6.223/241.32
------------ Not Qualified ------------
8 Steve Franke DQ

In these regional/divisional races a 8-car ladder is always used, regardless the number of contestants. As only seven cars qualified, Jonnie has a solo run in the first.

In about an hour or so we have the first round. Chuck is confident. The car is ready to race any minute!


Done for today

Jonnie is very pleased right after the race. —It was a totally nice and smooth pass. We hope to get a couple more of these this weekend, Jonnie tells us.
We're done racing for today. Tomorrow saturday, we have two more rounds. One at 1 pm, and one at 5 pm local time, EDT. (That is at about 19:00 and 23:00 Swedish local time.)

These number is nothing to be ashamed of after the first round!

Now we have to prepare the car for tomorrow. Johan got the grinder going.

Father Lars Erik's working the engine.

And Chuck got full control of the clutch!

Number one in Q1!


Nice and straight right out of the trailer. —I have backed it down. Just to get a descent run to work out of, Jonnie says.
Results after qualification round one.
Jonnie Lindberg 5.550/260.76
Andy Bohl 5.615/256.94
Todd Robertson 5.657/254.76
Paul Noakes 5.755/250.83
Ray Drew 5.973/193.54
Rick Cortino 6.223/241.32
Chris Foster 15.865/47.65