Texas Recap.

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Swedish success, but Doug Gordon takes it!

Here's Jonnie, Strumpan and Ulf Leanders having a chat between the races. We have just witnessed just a another race where Sweden has showed it's capacity. Jonnie qualified in as number one, and got to the second round in the eliminations. Ulf Leanders qualified number four, and got all the way to the final!

Unfortunately Ulf never had a chance in the final against Doug Gordon. Huge congratulations to you and your team Doug!

According to our calculations, the current points standing is as follows:
1. Jonnie Lindberg     318
2. Doug Gordon         255
3. Kris Hool                254
4. Annie Whiteley      244
5. Brian Hough          242
6. Ulf Leanders         233

(NOTE! This points calculation isn't the official numbers. This is our own calculations, done after our best knowledge and can of course be wrong and miscalculated due to a misunderstanding of the NHRA rule book. Exciting to see if we got this right!)

Won first, lost second

In the first elimination round, Jonnie had Nancy Matter. He won the tree and kept the lead all the way over the finish line. But on the way down the track something happened to the engine. Metal parts on the track also caused a punctured rear tire.

Once again Team Lindberg Bros managed to make the impossible possible. Here we're lined up with a new engine waiting for the second round.

Jonnie won the tree, but he shook the tires violently almost right of the starting line. Doug Gordon on the other hand performed his best pass of the weekend, and he will get a solo run in to the final.

Our fellow Swede, Ulf Leanders had much more luck than us in round two. He did beat Annie Whiteley and is in the semifinal together with Kris Hool.

Number one qualifier!

Ladder Houston

When the rain finally stopped, the third and last qualifying round could be finished. With severe tire shake, Jonnie wasn't able to improve, but kept his number one spot anyway. Ulf was put down one step to fourth place.
Jonnie has Nancy Matter in his first round. Ulf has Ro Yale. As there was only 12 racers that qualified this time, we will use a slightly different ladder. The one who wins the second round on Jonnies side of the ladder, will have a solo run in the semi, straight in to the final! Let's hope that's Jonnie!

Final qualifying results after 3 out of 3 rounds:

1. Jonnie Lindberg       Lindberg Bros Motorsports Mont                  5.562 263.56
2. Steve Harker             Speed City/CAM2 Oil Monte Carl                5.580 261.42
3. Annie Whiteley         Y-Not Racing Mustang                                  5.581 266.85
4. Ulf Leanders              Haas Automation Monte Carlo                    5.581 262.03
5. Kris Hool                    SK Pro Tools Monte Carlo                            5.593 259.86
6. Doug Gordon            Morro Bay Cabinets Racing Cama                5.606 262.85
7. Brian Hough              Olympus Trailers Camaro                              5.647 258.86
8. Shane Westerfield    CP-Carrillo/Jet Lube Monte Car                    5.671 260.86
9. Ro Yale                        Carbon Fiber Tech Daytona                        5.861 248.61
10. Chris Foster             Foster Racing Mustang                                 5.876 251.53
11. Tony Bartone            Redline Monte Carlo                                     5.886 251.30
12. Nancy Matter           Guardian for Heros Monte Carlo                  6.015 242.10

Sitting #1 after day one in Houston



This weekend it's time for the 28th annual O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA SpringNationals at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas.
After the first day of racing, with two qualifying rounds we're sitting as number one with 5.562 sec and 263.56 mph.
At the same time we wish to introduce our two latest sponsors! Landmeco and OTG-Oslo Tapet & Gulvbelegg AS. Welcome to the winner circle guys!

Results after two out of three qualifying rounds.
1. Jonnie Lindberg               5.562        263.56
2. Steve Harker                    5.580       261.42
3. Ulf Leanders                    5.581         262.03
4. Kris Hool                          5.593        259.86
5. Annie Whiteley                5.595        264.29
6. Doug Gordon                   5.630       259.96
7. Shane Westerfield           5.696        258.22
8. Brian Hough                    5.804        254.71
9. Chris Foster                     5.876        251.53
10.Nancy Matter                  6.015        242.10
11.Ro Yale                            17.368        60.69