Wally #2!

wally nbr2
This little golden man is just so damn beautiful!

Jonnie takes it all!

Nothing and no one was able to stop Jonnie Lindberg this weekend! A new Speed Record! A new ET record! And a another Wally is on it's way back home to Sweden!

Jonnie and Steve Harker is in the final!

Dan Pomponio shaked and spun the tires hard right after the hit. He never had a chance.

Jonnie pedaled it once and won.

Now it's time to settle this. Who's the king of the class today? The reigning NHRA TAFC Champion Steve Harker from Australia or the World ET and Speed record holder Jonnie Lindberg from Sweden?
(Thanks Uncle Anders for the great pics)

Jonnie owns the class!

Jonnie nails it! 5.381 and 270.64. We got the win and the new US ET-record!
Unfortunately Ulf wasn't that lucky. Dan Pomponio wins.

This means that Jonnie has Dan Pomponio in the semifinal. On the other side of the ladder we'll see Steve Harker and Kris Hool fight for the final.

Here we go…

Here is our hero Jonnie Lindberg sitting in his tuning corner, surrounded by his weather station, computers, notes and time slips. In about an hour or two it's time to enter the racetrack.

Here she is. The worlds fastest Top Alcohol Funny Car bare naked.

Jonnies biggest supporter is his older brother, the two time European Champion, Johan Lindberg.

Peter Ström, a.k.a. "Srumpan" also "Tincan Pete" is our clutch and gearbox man. He's just the best and he loves guitars. Especially his self made ones. One of them. Another one.

Lars Erik Lindberg, the father of the two Lindberg Bros is the one who's responsible for all of this.  One of his most crazy creations is probably his Snow Monster.