Next Generation


The New Generation Racers and #lindbergbros fans! Keep up the good work guys! @Nortonracing @radne_racing

Flashback Friday!

Balloon Ride Over Stockholm with the best team in the world!

Congratulations Gareth!

Already in the burnout the race was lost for us. We had some air leak or other problem in the pneumatic system for the gearbox. We need to do the burnout on third gear, but Johan could only get to the first.

This is how it's supposed to look. A nice and long controlled burnout by Gareth Ellis.

We never had a chance against Gareth. With no heat in the slicks Johan spun the tires right of the starting line. To bad for us, but a huge congratulations to Gareth and his team! You guys are totally worth it!

The final pair is crowned

Garets team assisted by both Dannys guys and some of ours, made a heroic work putting in the new engine, clutch and give it a quick tuning setup. They even had the time for a quick start.

And then off we go the pairing lanes!

Johan was out first, and we choose to go safe to win the lane choice for the final. Like a bracket car, 5.56!

And then it was time for Leif Andreasson and...

...Gareth Ellis. Gareth gave us a massive burnout showing that he really means business.

And on green Gareth just left Leif standing at the start line. When Leif then shook the tires at about 60 feet the race was definitely lost for him.

Look at this happy and dirty crew. They didn't have the time to change clothes before the start.
The final pair in TMFC Final at Santa Pod in UK is in the end Johan Lindberg and Gareth Ellis!