John Lombardo Jr. wins it


In the end we saw Kris Hool and John Lombardo Jr in the final. And it was John who won it this time. Huge congratulations to you John!

And the race is over


Kris Hool never backed down and Jonnies race weekend is over for this time. (Note: the pic is from another race)

Round two in an hour


Jonnie's happy right after the winning round! Way to go brother!!



In the next round we're up against Kris Hool. Kris is right now number seven in the over all point standings in the NHRA Lucas Oil Championship. In about an hour, at 12:15 local time in Chicago and 19:15 Swedish time we will know more.

Clint’s out!

jonnie and clint

Here we have Jonnie and Clint right before elimination round one.



Jonnie gets it right this time. 5.65 and Clint Thompson's out!

# 16 and we’re in!


In the end we've got the final and last spot in the ladder with our 5.751 second round. Besides that we're really happy to get the top speed of the event so far! 259.56 mph / 417,72 kph. In the first round on Sunday we're up against number one qualifier Clint Thompson.



During the night we've worked to prepare Jonnies car before the eliminations. Besides working with the clutch and gearbox, Strumpan just love to give all the other parts of the car allot of attention.


Results after the third and last qualifying round:
1. Clint Thompson 5.612
2. John Lombardo Jr. 5.621
3. Annie Whiteley 5.648
4. Dale Brand 5.656
5. Doug Gordon 5.660
6. Chris Foster 5.661
7. Tony Bartone 5.687
8. Kris Hool 5.697
9. Steve Gasparrelli 5.707
10. Ray Drew 5.707
11. Dan Pomponio 5.708
12. Todd Veney 5.708
13. Andy Bohl 5.719
14. Shane Westerfield 5.721
15. Paul Noakes 5.736
16. Jonnie Lindberg 5.751

Not qualified:
17. Sean Bellemeur 5.799
18. Todd Robertson 5.826
19. Fred Hagen Jr. 5.927
20. Wayne Butler 6.000
21. Rick Cortino 6.047