Rebuilding Johans Funny Car

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We're all looking forward to the 2014 FIA European Drag Racing Championship round one at Santa Pod in England. But first we have to finish up the rebuild of Johans car.


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Right now Jonnies in Borlänge at ME Racings shop, working around the clock to to be done before the race in England on the 23rd to 26th May. We would like to give LG, Mats Eriksson and the Green Goblin a huge thank's for letting us be here working!
Jonnies own car is still in the States, and were planning to leave it there for the whole season of 2014.


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Exactly what we're doing with the chassis is a secret. But Jonnies confident that it will give nice results!





...not this time. A sprag broke in the gearbox... We have to sit back and try to be satisfied being runner up's...
A huge congrats to you Dan!


bild 4

We're in final!!



Up against Dan Pomponio.


bild 1

Jonnie's handling the TV crew like a pro!

Lined up


We're lined up again... Let's see if we can get rid of that tire shake...


Out in 30…

bild 1

Car's turned around and ready to race again... 30 minutes to go.


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Almost 30 degrees Celsius and world's best drag racing! A paradise!!