In California!

Now we're finally in Cali! Spending the night at our "American mom" Jo Coddington, just had a good late dinner and some drinks!


Good morning! Now we're in New Mexico! Just changed driver, now it's Johan the early bird's time to take over the driver seat! I guess I'm the night owl.. Been driving for 11 hours. Now just 1207km to Destination!


Houston, Texas

Yesterday we just made it to Houston, Texas. We had some more problems with the Truck.. But it's a good thing to know drag racers all around the world, I called Will Hanna and he arranged so we parked the trailer and had a good night sleep at Lee Callaway's shop. This morning we went to another racer, Todd Moyer at TRM Auto & Diesel Service and got the truck fixed and some more horsepower! Thanks guys! Now we been on the road for a while and "only" have 2075km to Orange, CA!
callawayLee Callaway

bild-10Todd ''Turbo'' Moyer

Work on the truck!

Needed to bleed the clutch this morning, but now we're on the road again!