Win and new European ET record!


Jonnie ended the season giving us a monster burn out, and didn't stop rolling until the 1000 feet mark.




Unfortunately Gareth got some problems after the burn out and had to shut of and roll back, giving Jonnie a solo run.



And what a run!



Group hug! And... once again? What is that red coated lady doing there?!



New European ET record! Just 0.015 behind Frank Manzos NHRA record... we're getting there!



No pedaling this time!



Team Lindberg Bros 2013! The best team in the world!!



The worlds fastest TMFC/TAFC is towed back.



Weight and fuel ok!



When back in the pits, the former European Champion Leif Andreasson came by putting his number one on Jonnies car!

—You're the champ now! I'll beat you later!! Leif says respectfully... or not!




Jonnie and Gareth in final!


Santa Pod's is packed with race fans! Jonnie out first on the right lane and Rob Turner in the left.



Jonnie and Rob gave us a great race. Both away nicely, but Jonnie was slightly ahead from the start.



Jonnie takes the win and The Lindberg Crew can't hide their emotions! But what about that lady in the red coat?



—We can fly!



—Hey Lars Erik. Look at those numbers!



5.469 @ 262 mph/ 421.6 km/h and the crowd is screaming!



—Now when we have the championship, we don't just go for consistency any more. We're going for faster consistency! Jonnie says with a confident smile.



Jonnies opponent in the final is rookie Gareth Ellis, who pulled of a 6.57 pass in his solo semi final.

But now we got a race to win!


Jonnie had a solo in this first round. He chose to go out first and took the opportunity to win a new track record. 5.51!



In the round after, we saw Johan and Rob. Johan away first, but then once again hitting a massive shake. He pedaled and drifted towards the center line, pedaled more and couldn't keep up with Rob.



Rob Turner is through to the semis. Up against Jonnie.



The guy that finished of Leif and secured the Championship win for us, Gareth Ellis will go against...



Stephanie Milam, who got a solo run as Danny Bellio threw the towel in due to engine failure.



Jonnie Lindberg: European Champion TMFC 2013!


Jonnie is now the new European Champion in Top Methanol Funny Car!



Gareth Ellis takes the win over Leif, witch means that Leif's out and can't get the points to keep up with Jonnie.


It’s time to settle this. It’s elimination day!


In the opening ceremony for the day of eliminations, all the number one qualifiers is presented and interviewed by the great start line speaker Darryl Bradford.



Many questions to the worlds fastest Funny Car driver and tuner, Jonnie Lindberg.



Another of the Pod's great speakers, Colin Theobald having a chat with the number one qualifier in Top Fuel Bike, Ian King.



Number one in Pro Mod, the alway cool looking Marc Meihuizen.



Eliva Karlsson is the fastest in Pro Stock Bike.



The Championship is already settled in Pro Stock. Congrats Jimma to the win, and good luck in todays race.



Same thing in Top Fuel. Tomas Nataas is the 2013 European champ!