Chevy Tour Gothenburg

Today we are outside the Jula store in Sisjön, come and check out the fastest Funny Car on the planet! And take a look on some new Chevy's!


Congrats Adam to the win!


Unfortunately there never was a race. We all where so looking forward to this meeting between Leif Andreasson and Adam Flamholc. Leif never got the gear forward back after the burnout. Leif stormed out of the car, and we've probably never have seen anyone be this disappointed. We suffer with you Leif, and at the same time we wish to give Adam a huge congratulation on the win!

We've updated the point stats here to the right. Please note that this isn't the official numbers yet, but our own counted after our best knowledge.

Adam and Leif in final!


Adam out first with 0.046 to Jonnies 0.139. Jonnie shook and pedaled and tried to reach Adam but the race was lost. Congratulations to the final Adam!



In the second semifinal we had Leif and Ulf. Both away almost simultaneously. A few seconds into the race Ulf hit a shake and started to move sideways. Congratulations to the final Leif!

Results after the first round


Out first was Adam and Danny Bellio. Adam settled this right at the starting line. 0.14 to Danny's 0.38. Adam is up against the winner of Johan and Jonnie.



Both Johan and Jonnie had a bumpy ride, but none of them gave up...



... and drove side by side all the way to the finish line. Johan finally a full pass5.58 to Jonnies 5.62. For a moment we thought that Johan had beaten Jonnie, but the win light came up at the left lane. Jonnie won this on a hole shot. 0.072 to Johan's 0.132.



Ari was out first from the starting line but Leif never gave him ha chance. Leif is through to the semifinals and is up against...



...Ulf Leanders.



Elimination day!


—This have been one of my worst racing weekends so far in my life. But at the same time the best seeing my brother rewriting European drag racing history. But now it's time for eliminations, and anything can happen. Now it's not about time slips, it's about winning, Johan says.



The team has been working on Johan's car until very late last night. We have done some major changes and many small.