We got some work to do… But first… Let’s celebrate!!


Just remember this beautiful picture before you scroll down...




We won and set a new fantastic European ET record. It had a price... But let's not think about that right now. A huge congrats to the best and greatest drag racing team ever! Go Lindberg Bros!

Win and a new European ET Record!


—What a run! I drove trough a massive shake, and right after I pulled the chutes the whole car started to shake. Something has happened to the engine or gearbox! Jonnie says.


5.54 backs the earlier 5,49! Now we hold both the speed and ET record in Europe! 5.49!!


This is not what you'd like to see under your parked car...

We’re all ready for final…


Mikael Larsson guest playing as driver during Ulf Leanders warm up. Everything looks perfect for a tight final.


We're also warmed up and ready. The pro class final session starts in 10-20 minutes...

Jonnie and Ulf in final!


Jonnie wins! And is in Final here in beautiful Finland!


Ulf Leanders had a solo run and did no mistakes. He has some kind of valve problem that they have to fix before the final.


One of the first to congratulate Jonnie for his win was Leif Andreasson and his team.


Another one was our mechanic Cajan. —This is what makes it all worth working late nights, get dirty sore hands and hurting knees! Cajan says with wet eyes...


We need to double check if Jonnie just won a new European Record! We'll get back about that...


We’re called to line up… 30 minutes…


So what happened Leif? —Nothing special. We tuned for a world record and the track didn't want that as much as we did. Now we know where the limit is and I'm confident that we will be in the final today, Leif says.


Everything is ok with Jonnies car. But the zoomies that need some work.


No problem at all over at Leanders. Just the normal routines.


Fastest reaction time in the field! 0.096 sec for Johnny Oksa! To bad that we just heard that Johnny won't be able to race Ulf due to a damaged engine.