Point standings in the European Championship updated

Se to the right on the start page for the point standings after round two in the European Championship series for Top Methanol Funny Car (Top Alcohol Funny Car).

Congratulations Adam!


We would like to give our true respect to Adam and his crew for a great race this weekend. This season will as we have said earlier go to the history. Right now there are so many teams that can win the championship. Be prepared for a season to remember!



Jonnie out first with 0,077 against Adams 0,11. Then Jonnie shook and pedaled, while Adam had a nice run. 5,71 for Adam to Jonnies 5,84. Congratulations Adam and your team!

This is what stopped Johan…


—I felt just a little shake, and then the car just died. When we came back to the pits we saw that this little plug in the ignition system had disconnected... I would have drove through that shake if I just had the chance, and we could have raced side by side to the finish line. I'm so disappointed, but at the same time so glad, happy, and proud of my little brother Jonnie and what he just did, Johan tells us.

Jonnie… 5.498! 429.25 km/h! 266,72 mph!


Faster reaction on Jonnie against Johan. Shake and some pedaling for Johan but Jonnie got the pass of his life!



Jonnie in final! But not only that. 5.498 seconds! 429.25 km/h! 266,72 mph!

To get the proportions... Frank Manzos national US record is: 5.411 sec and 268.06 mph (431,40 km/h). And Jonnie actually did let go of the throttle just for a moment. This isn't finished yet!



Leif 5,57!! And adam 5.68!! But Adam left Leif standing at the tree. Winning and goes to final on a classic hole shot! It's all about the reaction. Congrats Adam!

Jonnie new European speed record!


We're all so busy driving fast that we missed that Jonnie actually just beat Leif Andreassons European speed record! A whopping 421.87 km/h (262,14 mph)



—Yeaaah! I'm the f**king fastest in Europe!