Welcome to the winner circle!


—Congratulations and welcome to the winner circle Johan. This will be one heck of a season for Top Methanol Funny Car, Leif Andréasson says.

Congratulations Leif on the win!


Leif's coming out winning out of the smoke on this battlefield.



Johan and Leif had almost the same reaction time. 0.12 for Leif and 0.13 for Johan. Johan shook the tires almost immediately of the startling, and the race was lost.

Johan and Leif in final!


Johan and Adam was out first. Johan staged in first and had to wait very long for Adam to do the same. Was it an attempt to disturb Johan in his concentration? Adam got away first on another amazing reaction time. 0.04 to Johans 0.12. But it didn't help. Both had problems going down the track slipping and shaking. Johan did the work best and won with a convincing 6.01 to Adams 7.61.



Leif got out for him self once again. He launched hard, and got of the throttle at about half track.



Rob Turner cancelled his race due to a worn down rear main bearing in the engine.



So we will se Johan and Leif in the final!



Right now the guys are working hard to turn the car around preparing it for the finals.

We’re ready to go for the semi


The start up procedure is always fun to se.



Smoke and loud noise...


_DSC5516...always attracts masses of interested race fans. We're ready to go, and we'll roll out for line up in a few minutes.

Results Quarter finals


In the first pair Jürgen Nagel just gave it away to Rob Turner with a 0.39 reaction time.



Adam never gave Gareth a chance. Adam reaction time an amazing 0.06 at the tree.



Third pair was Johan and Jonnie. Both gave us two controlled nice burnouts.



Isn't this a view for the history books?!



Jonnie left Johan standing at the tree. 0.12 on Jonnie and 0.21 for Johan.



Then Jonnie got problems. He lost traction and Johan on his hand wrestled his car down the track, eating meter by meter on Jonnie. Johan an impressing 5.62, to Jonnies 6.07. Johan is through to the semifinals.



Last quarter final we saw Leif Andréasson in a solo run as Steph Milan blew her engine earlier this weekend.



Johan is up against Adam Flamholc in the semi.



Leif will take on Rob Turner.



—My brother and the guys are like magicians! Is this even possible in a second run in a car like this? Johan says with a huge smile and continues...

—I felt already in the warm up that this will be a fantastic run. I didn't push it on the tree and I just concentrated on doing the right thing in the car. It's amazing how totally violent these cars are to drive. I love it! What a rush!