Broken parts.

This stopped us in the semi finals against Arvid Grødem.
Some parts broke in the gearbox, a sprag then a clutch pack..

Scandinavian International’s is called of

We're right now getting the message that the race is called of. We have a heavy rain and there's no chance to get the track dry in a reasonable time.

Good bye for now!

PM and TMFC detailed ladders

While we're waiting for the track to dry after some rain. Her's the detailed ladders.


PM semi: Results

Marc never had a chance to beat Martin when giving it away at the tree. Martin Lundkvist in final!


Both Micke and Johan took a nap at the tree. But Johan a little bit longer. To long to be able to win even if we ran our second 5.92 pass.


We are Swedish ET record holders already with 5.92, witch is faster than Micke Gullkvists European record of 5.94. To bad we didn't get the chance to back this up in a final...

Congratulations Martin and Mike. Two red Camaros in final, but different techniques. Turbo or blower?

TMFC semi: Results

Bellio and Jonnie out...


...Arvid and Leif in final.