Car Crazy @ Bilsport Performance Show

You can see us at 12:00 sec in to the clip.

Hell Yeah! New movie, Alastaro 2012..

Another great job done from Petter Grimborg (Grimborg Productions)

What an anticlimax!

The rain stopped for a while, but grew again in intensity, and the race was called of leaving the finals unfinished. A really disappointing end of a otherwise nice race weekend. As we had to leave the track to catch a boat we didn't have a possibility to give you information on the progress after the semifinals, and we apologize for that!


Right now a calm rain has started to fall. It's more than a shower, so there's a great risk that it won't stop.

TMFC Results Semifinal

Jonas Staflund delivers exactly when it was needed. Leif smokes on the start line and Jonas stops the clock at 6.0 and eliminates Leif Andréasson. Congratulations on the final Jonas!


In the other line we will se Ulf Leanders.