A new two car team is born!

Besides making the Lindberg Bros Pro Mod Firebird race ready this spring, the work to finish the Funny Car also has progressed. Jonnie and the team ended this long journey with a 48 hour race against the clock, and late last friday the car was ready for Jonnies first runs and driving test for his Funny Car racing license.


This is not the way we're used to see Jonnie.


This time Johan had to help Strumpan getting the driver into place.


During the first couple of rounds Jonnie had to show that he can handle the Fynny Car in a safe way during the burnouts and getting of the starting line.


In the fourth and fifth rounds he was allowed to go for it. In the last run for the day he got of and on the throttle two times but managed anyway to stop the clock at 6,13 sec and 376 kph(233 mph)!


—Good job young man! Here's your licence!

Some work

20120520-232556.jpg It's gonna be some late nights and many hours work before we going up to Sundsvall raceway on Thursday, then it's finally time to drive up for the license. This is how it looks like right now.. The engine starts to come together and the new Leanders clutch are in place. "just" some more stuff that need to be fixed ;-)

We won!

–Get in there and win!


Two of Europe's fastest Pro Mods in final in the first race in the Swedish national championship


Johan won the psychological war before the start and Mats ran a red light, and we finally got a decent run today with 6,02.


—Congratulations dad!


The winner Johan Lindberg and the runner up Mats Eriksson.


One last picture for the press!



The Clerk of the Course Kjell Pettersson closed the race by thanking the fantastic Tierp Arena crew and all the racers for yet another well executed race. And we from Team Lindberg Bros would also like to send a huge thanks to everyone involved!

Final in 30

The final is up in about 30 minutes and the final preparations is done, such as refueling.


Kalle and Strumpan is also doing some final adjustments to the gearbox.