When we finally got out on the track we learned allot about what impact the latest updates had on the car. After some adjustments we managed to, as the only car this weekend, go below 4 seconds. A 3,96 round is a nice start.

New try!

The sun is shining today! We gave the car a little love yesterday. Today we will see if we can get some good test runs.


At the track!

Now we're in place, now some more work ;)


Malmö here we come!

20120428-025101.jpg Now I, Kalle, Johan and Strumpan are on our way to the test at Malmö Raceway, we been working all night with the pro mod so now we are ready to rock n roll! We keep you posted! /Jonnie

Live on Nitroz Webb-TV

During our fantastic saturday here at the Bilsport Performance & Custom Motor Show we also participatad in the Nitroz live Webb-TV-show.


Lelle is running the show with a smile on his face!