Merry christmas!!


You can have fun without snow on Christmas! ;-)

Hard work!

20111223-180138.jpg Now the work starts to get the two cars ready for the next season! If the cars gonna go fast you need to give them some love! ;-)

2 car team 2012

New Car!
During the years many have asked our crew chief Jonnie... “Don’t you also want to sit behind the steering wheel?”. The answer has most of the times been just a silent smile. Nobody really knew what that smile meant, but now were about to know for sure.
For the season of 2012 we are proud to announce that Jonnie will take place in the cockpit of a race car. And not just any car.
–We actually got our hands on Fast Freddys former Funnycar. The very same that he won the European Championship with in 2007! Jonnie says.