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Still in 8th place in the total

Ron Capps jumps up to second place in the championship after this weekends win. Jonnie holds his 8th place. Notable is that Jonnie has competed in three out of five events so far.

In round one Jonnie got his revenge for the lost final in Vegas against Tommy Johnson Jr.

Points standings after Springnationals in Texas
1 Matt Hagan                     400
2 Ron Capps                      398
3 John Force                      371
4 Tommy Johnson Jr.      357
5 Robert Hight                  301
6 Courtney Force              301
7 Jack Beckman                282
8 Jonnie Lindberg            235
9 J R Todd                         222
10 Jim Campbell              211
11 Alexis DeJoria             208
12 Tim Wilkerson            189
13 Del Worsham              173
14 Cruz Pedregon            162
15 Gary Densham            103
16 Phil Burkart Jr.             94
17 Jeff Diehl                       72
18 Jeff Arend                     51
19 Bob Bode                      36
20 Dave Richards             31
21 Bob Tasca III                31
22 Todd Simpson             26
23 John Hale                    10

Capps wins the Springnationals

CappsTotalWinner copy
After a spectacular final against Robert Hight, Ron Capps took the total win this weekend.

CappsTotalWinner3 copy
To win with a bang! Something went wrong with Rons car in the end of the race, and we could for a while see the flames under the body. As Ron was out of the car before the firemen arrived, he himself worked hard to prepare to give the guys with the fire extinguishers a bit easier job saving his beloved hot rod.

CappsTotalWinner2 copy
Congratulations Ron and your team to a beautiful and exciting win!


CappsWin copy
Ron Capps did no misstakes, and got the win.

JonnieBlow copy
Jonnie won the tree. Then lost traction after about one second. He tried to pedal to get back, but then... POW! Congratulations to the round win Ron and your great team!

First round win! Capps’s next.

The Jim Head smiling winning face.

Jonnie got his revenge against TJ with a pretty decent 3.944 round.

Let's take on the reigning Funny Car Champ Ron Capps, who also has lane choice over Jonnie. This will be a hard one...

Qualified 10th

HeadFC copy
4.550 and 6.486 in todays two final qualifying sessions gave no improvement in the list. Jonnie is instead pushed down to the tenth place.
The eliminations starts tomorrow Sunday at 11:00 AM local time in Texas, and that's at 18:00 in Sweden.
Round two is at 1:00 PM(20:00). The semifinals at 2:30 PM(21:30) and the finals is planned for 3:55 PM (22:55).

Stege1 copy
The first half of tomorrows ladder.

Stege2 copy
Jonnie have TJ in the first round. A rematch from the lost final in Las Vegas!

Final qualifying results Springnationals Texas 2017
1 Courtney Force            3.851     330.23
2 Ron Capps                    3.884     326.56
3 John Force                   3.89       325.53
4 Robert Hight                3.894     329.67
5 Cruz Pedregon             3.897     324.98
6 Jack Beckman              3.907     327.9
7 Tommy Johnson Jr     3.934     320.05
8 Tim Wilkerson             3.946     322.34
9 Alexis DeJoria              3.946     322.34
10 Jonnie Lindberg        3.961     323.5
11 Matt Hagan                 3.974     322.19
12 J.R. Todd                    4.016     322.65
13 Jim Campbell             4.126     299.73
14 Del Worsham             4.139      267
15 Todd Simpson            8.421      85.9
16 Jeff Diehl                     11.833     68.24