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TJ wins Auto Club Finals, but Hight’s the Champ

The 2017 Funny Car Championship was secured for Team John Force Racing and the driver Robert Hight already in elimination round one. The only one that had a chance to beat Robert was Ron Capps. Robert won his race over Tim Wilkerson, and later Del Worsham beat Ron out of the competition. And at that moment the thing was settled.

Ron was of course disappointed after the race. He has done an epic season with a total of eight wins. An impressing achievement that very few can come even close to.

Robert also won his way all the way to the final. But Tommy Johnson Jr. did a better job there and won the NHRA Auto Club Finals Wally. Congratulations to you Tommy and your team!

Robert had a pretty dramatic way to the final. His engine blew in the semifinal against Courtney Force.

He ended up in the net, and luckily he could safely walk away.

The second Championship Win for team John Force Racing was Brittany Forces win in Top Fuel. She not only won the Championship, she also in the end won the final against Shawn Langdon. Congratulations Britt and your amazing team!

Another thing we have to mention, is the Norwegian Julie Nataas stunning performance in Top Alcohol Dragster. This weekend she qualified as number one with 5.115 sec. Which actually is the third quickest pass ever. Today she also won her way all the way to the final. Well there she won the tree, but unfortunately it looked like she got som engine problems and race was lost.
Congratulations to you Julie and your great team for all the entertainment you have given us this weekend!

The fun for this year is over

In Q4 Jonnie first got bumped down to the bump spot. And as the points leader Robert Hight wasn't qualified yet, their session became a do or die race for both of them.

Jonnie didn't manage to improve his results, and at the same time, Robert climbed in to the ladder with a bang. Jonnie ended therefor up outside the ladder for the first time this season.


Final results Qualifications Auto Club NHRA Finals at Pomona 2017
1 Jack Beckman                    3.835    334.98
2 Tim Wilkerson                   3.863    331.69
3 Courtney Force                 3.871    334.57
4 Tommy Johnson Jr           3.887    314.31
5 Alexis Dejoria                    3.894    331.94
6 Ron Capps                         3.897    328.22
7 Matt Hagan                       3.898    333.08
8 John Force                        3.935    327.51
9 J.R. Todd                           3.946    325.53
10 Gary Densham                3.968    319.07
11 Del Worsham                   3.978    322.65
12 Jim Campbell                   4.020    315.42
13 Bob Bode                          4.037    317.05
14 Jeff Diehl                          4.107    296.31
15 Robert Hight                    4.132    236.80
16 Jeff Arend                         4.140    252.90
——————— not qualified ————————
17 Jonnie Lindberg          4.305    279.67
18 Cruz Pedregon                  4.321    281.95
19 Tim Gibbons                     17.653    73.20

Pedaled to 15th

Much better. Jonnie pedaled his hotrod to a 4.30 round and a 15th place. We got one more try in a couple of hours.

Results after Q3 Auto Club NHRA Finals at Pomona 2017
1 Jack Beckman                        3.835    334.98
2 Courtney Force                      3.871    334.57
3 Tommy Johnson Jr                3.887    314.31
4 Alexis Dejoria                         3.894    331.94
5 Ron Capps                              3.897    328.22
6 Tim Wilkerson                        3.913    327.74
7 Matt Hagan                            3.933    328.62
8 John Force                             3.935    327.51
9 J.R. Todd                                3.946    325.53
10 Gary Densham                     3.968    319.07
11 Del Worsham                        3.978    322.65
12 Bob Bode                               4.037    317.05
13 Jeff Diehl                               4.107    296.31
14 Jeff Arend                             4.140    252.90
15 Jonnie Lindberg                  4.305    279.67
16 Cruz Pedregon                     4.380    207.72
----------------- not qualified -------------------
17 Robert Hight                        4.399    270.10
18 Jim Campbell                      4.786    172.67
19 Tim Gibbons                        17.653    73.20