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FHRA Nitro Nationals 2016

Nitro Nationals 2016
During the weekend of 2nd to the 5th of July we attended the FHRA Nitro Nationals in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes.
Johan qualified in as number three with his 6,126 sec. 377.58 km/h, (234.61 mph), and Åke Persson with tuner Jonnie Linberg was number six with 6,192 sec. 376,21 km/h (233.76 mph)

Johan won his first elimination, but...

...Åke, "the 5 sec Baker" lost his. Unfortunately, due to rain there never was a second round for anyone. The race was canceled.

Point standings after three rounds in the FIA European Championship 2016
1: Michael Gullqvist, Sweden         263
2: Bruno Bader, Switzerland          239
3: Mats Eriksson, Sweden              234
4: Johan Lindberg, Sweden           197
5: David Vegter, Netherlands         171
6: Thomas Stiefel, Switzerland      140
7: Åke Persson, Sweden                 115
8: Anders Nilsson, Sweden             88
9: Norbert Kuno, Germany             84
10: Fredrik Fagerstrom, Sweden   84

Newsletter: Norwalk Double!

See below link for Jonnies latest Newsletter.

Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports Newsletter.

We have a winner!

And we have a win! The team is going crazy!

jonnie winner
Jonnie was a like cobra on the tree, and he never gave Kris a chance. Nice to see the Swedish yellow and blue colors in the wind!

—Come on man. Here's your Wally.


Our Norwegian mechanic Christan Merlid looks confident leaving Jonnie alone at the starting line.

And no problem there for Jonnie. Andy's out, and we are in the final.

2nd round win for Jonnie

Jonnie takes down Brian Hough and is on to the semifinals, where he will go up against Andy Bohl. On the other side of the ladder we will see Steve Burck and Kris Hool fight for the final.