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Words from the finalists: Jonnie and John

Prssconf John copy
First the living legend, John Force. He had a few things to say about "The kid".
Click on the picture or here: Youtube.

Pressconf Jonnie copy
Then our Jonnie. Some call him the "The kid".
Click on the picture or here: Youtube.

Thanks fans and friends for all the support!

I just spoke a few words with Jonnie, and he wish to say hello and thanks, to all of you out there for all the support he have gotten during the day. "Thank's all fans and friends! You're the best!"
Here he is in a pre race intervju with the NHRA media organisation.

Force wins

ForceWin copy
John Force wins the race, leaving the runner up spot for Jonnie. Not to bad anyway.

Jonnie and John Force in the final!

semiwin copy
Hagan is out, and Jonnie is in the final of his first ever Nitro Funny Car race. Jonnie has lane choice over...

JohnForce copy
...John Force!

JimHeadGlad copy
—A lot of Swedish luck! Team owner Jim Head says with a huge smile.

Jonnie vs. Matt Hagan

CappsSkidding copy
Ron Capps had the quarter final for a while. But then he suddenly crossed the center line, giving the win away to...

MattHagan copy
...the two time World Champ Matt Hagan. Another hard one for Jonnie.